Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Book #9–Oath of Office

51BjGLvuJ3L._AA160_I grabbed this at the airport and enjoyed it. Oath of Office is a mix of politics and medical thrill knowledge. When a few people start behaving erratically, Dr. Lou Welcome must investigate. One of the people was a doctor who went crazy and show 7 people in his practice. When Dr. Welcome finds the ER staff at that hospital acting strangely, he starts to wonder about a VA town near DC. His investigation leads him to suspect something is affecting people in the town. The other story running alongside this one is the First Lady, her chief of staff, and the recently disgraced Secretary of Agriculture.

It’s a thriller, but without much medicine. The author goes light on technical details, and gets more into a slightly unbelievable set of thugs, which make the book seem too much like fiction and not enough like a plausible story.

The writing is OK, not great and even though I read this one through on the plane, I’m not sure I love it. I may give the author another try, but this one wasn’t great.

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