Monday, February 4, 2013

Great Practice

Last night the kids and I went to practice volleyball. Tia was tired after all day working with horses, and I’d spend most of the day in the house, so it was just three of us. With the Super Bowl going on we didn’t expect many people there, and we were right.

We walked in and one of the nets was open, no one playing. There were 5 or 6 other people on the other net, but a few of them were wearing a uniform, so I suspect an “unofficial” practice. Since Kendall didn’t want to scrimmage, we decided to just practice.

I had seen a few drills last week, and told Kendall about them, so we worked on those. It started with her up at the net, and then running backwards on my command to the middle line and coming up for a spike. It’s a simulation of being ready to block and then moving to spike. As she reached the middle line, I’d set the ball up and she’d come spike.

We got Delaney involved, though from the center spot with a short set close to the net. He struggled with 10 or 12, hitting the hit with his hand, but then he got better, and had some good, hard spikes in the other court. Kendall struggled with timing, but she got some good hits and started to cut loose a bit. She definitely liked the tall, wider sets, and had a few really strong hits at the end.

We served a little and I threw her some dig practice balls and we called it a night. A little over 60 minutes of practice, and a good time for all of us.

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