Sunday, February 17, 2013


The start of the Hiking merit badge for Delaney  and I, we went to Hidden Mesa today for a hike with the Boy Scouts. We were trying to be prepared, with water, sunscreen, etc. in back packs, though I'd forgotten to hit the store yesterday, so we grabbed some quick gas station turkey sandwiches for lunch.

Tia has ridden at Hidden Mesa a number of times, and I've run up to the Mesa, but never looped it. To get our 10 mile hike in, we hiked up and looped the top 3 times before heading back down. All in all a good hike, though by the trip down I had a blister working on the pad of my foot, Delaney, and most others were tired.

It was a good hike, not too hard, but a nice start to our journey of 5 10 mile hikes and one 20 miler across the next six months. I'm hoping to finish this off in September, with at least one long hike every month.

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