Thursday, January 31, 2013


Tia and I have been talking about trying Yoga classes. Life has been busy, and none of the times were convenient, but we just decided to try a class last night at Core Power Yoga. They give a free week to new people, and so we drove down there.

We were woefully unprepared. I’d tried Yoga during lunch at work once, but it was very informal. This was hot Yoga and Tia said we’d need small towels, mats, and water. I wasn’t sure what to do, and ended up with just water. Glad they let us use a may and towel, because it was needed.

The class started out slow, warming up. There were definitely some moves that stretched my body in ways it didn’t want to go and it strained. However the hot (95F) room warmed me up and I got going. I sweated, dripping at times and needed the towel.

It was hot, but not too bad most of the time. A few times I got slightly light-headed from the up and down movements, and I couldn’t do some, but overall it was relaxing, challenging, and a good, though not exhaustive workout. I could have pushed harder, and will next time.

Overall I enjoyed it. Not as much as martial arts, but it felt better in a different way than the hard movements of karate.

Planning on more next week and we’ll see after that.

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