Monday, January 14, 2013

End of the Bronco’s Season

I had to leave Saturday for a Scout event, but they had the game on for a bit and we saw the Bronco’s make a horrendous play near the end of the game to allow the Ravens to tie. I still can’t believe the two defenders missed the ball completely and the Jones’ went in for a tie with 30s left. I had hoped the Broncos would drive for the win at the end of the game, but with 30s left, I can understand them being nervous.

I know Fox is a run coach first, but with a tiny back and a (relatively) slow FB, I can’t see why they are running on the 2nd and 1, 3rd and 1 situations, with the line bunched. However it wasn’t the coaches fault. The entire team didn’t play well. Not much pressure from the D-line, poor coverage a few times from the secondary, with Bailey looking old. The O-line played poorly, Manning wasn’t crisp, and the running game wasn’t there. Just a failure.

Next year? I wonder. I’d say we need more secondary help, a bigger running back as a complement to Moreno or whoever, and definitely some depth in the lines. I think we have decent receivers, though I’d like some bigger, better blocking TEs.

Now after watching parts of exciting games, I’m rooting for a Harbaugh-Harbaugh Super Bowl. How cool is it that these two brothers are both once again in the conference championships?

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