Friday, January 25, 2013

I love volleyball and my knees are sore

This is definitely a lifting day. After late night volleyball, my knees are sore today. I could feel them as I tripped in the garage, caught myself, but had to bend down to do so. Arrggghhhh.

Last night Tia wasn’t feeling great, and she was debating on whether to go play volleyball. We had an early game, and with Kendall doing homework with a friend, she finally decided to rest and not go. I headed out alone, and arrived to find 2 other people on our side, with 8 on the other. Just before game time one more showed up and as we took the court, we had a 5th.

We played a decent first game, but ran into that stretch were we dropped 7 points in a row and never recovered. Two were my fault, as I didn’t move up enough on a serve, and then booted another serve into the stands. However plenty of my team messed up, just all at once. I was serving, down 14-20, and got 2 points and got arrogant. I was trying to hit one harder and spin it and knocked it over the end line, ending the game.

The second game was closer, and we played better. Despite a strange rule decision by the ref, which was reversed in the 3rd game, we won by 4 or 5 points. The third game was really close. We went up slightly and held a 2-3 point lead most of the game, but at 20-19, we blew a point, and then missed a serve. The other team then messed up a spike after getting conservative with underhand serves, and we served twice to win the third game.

It was exciting and I wanted more. After a brief stop at my old karate dojo to stay hi, and a phone call to update Tia, I decided to head over to the church for some late night volleyball. I was excited by the close games and wanted more. Less people at the church, which was good since I didn’t want to intrude. We started a 4-5 game, but had a 10th show up a point in. Only one girl, but I had a good start with 2-3 blocks at the beginning of the games.

It’s a good group there. Some of those guys are so athletic and can move quickly. The games are almost always close, however and we ended up splitting 4-5 games. As it got late, I got tired, especially of jumping. I had a few good plays, and two hard spikes, but both were out of bounds. I had the chance to practice a few times, with someone setting me and it felt better, but I still am not getting behind the ball enough. We finished a late night game of 4 on 5 before we had to set out tables and chairs for some event. 11:30 I left, tired and ready for bed.

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