Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Book #4 - Final Battle

51Tx0jrqexL._AA160_The third book in this part of the In Her Name trilogy, The Final Battle is truly the last battle. In this one we continue with the story of Reza, who’s awakened from a coma. He’s charged with treason, but manages to escape with the help of Jodi. He realizes something is wrong and the warriors of the Kreelan empire have lost their will to fight.

Meanwhile, Earth thinks it’s discovered the location of the Homeworld and decides to send their entire fleet to attack. The new President (after assassinating the old one), brings along weapons designed to destroy stays as he plans for a final battle.

It’s an epic conclusion, which surprised me and excited me. I kept hoping for another book after this one, but the last trilogy on this topic goes back hundreds of years to the beginning of The Empire.

Exciting, but you need to read Empire and Confederation to understand this one and appreciate it.

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