Friday, January 11, 2013

What a Day

It was crazy windy today. I took the kids to school and saw dust blowing everywhere when I got back. I didn’t want to go outside, but I knew if I didn’t get the charger mounted in the West pasture, I wouldn’t do it for a few days. I wandered outside, and had to walk down the track backwards. This is what I saw.


Photo Jan 11, 10 22 21 AM

Dust devils everywhere, hard to breathe, and I’d taste the grit in my mouth as I walked. Glad I was in glasses and not contacts.

We got the charger mounted, and I came back inside to go to work. About an hour or so later Tia said it was snowing. After about 30 minutes, this was what it looked like.

Photo Jan 11, 12 48 00 PM

The wind had stopped, and it was a nice day. About an inch or two of snow, but not bad. A trade I’d make anytime.

Tia and I headed to town to get some groceries, dog food, and eat lunch. A nice break with my wife, which would have been wonderful if I’d been feeling better. Still fighting this cold.

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