Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Flat Tire and Good Luck

Tia had to teach down South today and left early. Shortly thereafter I got a call. She’d gotten a flat in the Prius. Since she was late, I drove up there and gave her her truck, finished changing the tire, and headed to Tires Plus. We haven’t had great luck with tires, and this one was a blow out. It was also a busy day at Tires Plus, one of the few places open on Sunday. Two people called in sick and they were busy.

However I’ve been a good customer, giving them lots of business and they recognized that. The manager changed the tire on the rim for me, in about 30 minutes, and while I had to put it back on the Prius, he could have said he couldn’t do it. They aren’t the best on price, and aren’t the quickest, but they’ve given me good service like that and I appreciate it.

Back home by 11:30, new tire, and things were looking pretty good.

We haven’t had great luck with vehicles lately. The ATV has a coolant leak somewhere. The Prius with this tire, and the bottom splash guards need cleaning, and possibly replacing. The Suburban lifts in the back went out, though that was an easy, and relatively cheap fix by me. Once I had the parts it took me almost as long to watch a YouTube video on changing the parts as it did to change them. However while that was happening, the “Service 4WD” light was on and the transmission isn’t shifting into overdrive. I thought it was the switch, and replaced that, but something else is wrong. Appointment Tuesday to look at that.

Not a great vehicle time for us.

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