Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Book #1 - Dead Soul

51SLig2 hKL._AA160_The first book of 2013. Actually most of this was read in 2012, but I finished it this morning before getting going.

The end of the first trilogy, Dead Soul takes place on an agricultural world, Alger’s World. A young girl’s birthday party is interrupted when the Kreelan invade. Her family is killed, but she hides in the shelter they built beneath their barn. As the Kreelan invades, she rescues some other kids and they all hide out. There’s a new priestess leading the Kreelan, Ku’ar-Marekh, known as the Dead Soul who doesn’t feel any emotions. However she’s curious about the young girl, Allison, and doesn’t kill her, watching her try to help others.

As with the first invasion, the humans are rounded up and readied for battle in arenas. However the rest of humankind isn’t standing by. President McKenna plans to win back Alger’s World and sends overwhelming forces, including Sato in a new battleship. Before they go, however, advance Marine units are being sent to provide live intel. Mills leads one, with Valentina, and Steph, who’s separated from Ichiro.

The book is mostly the recon patrol’s time on Alger’s World, interspaced with the Dead Soul priestess and Ichiro’s battle. It’s quite a finale to this part of the In Her Name trilogy. I enjoyed it, but you really need books 1 and 2 to get this one.

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