Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Quiet Night

Last night was quiet, Tia feeling sick still, kids wanting to relax after the week, and me tired as well. I grabbed things for dinner, cooked early, and then knocked off around 8, laying in bed with Tia and watching some TV until I fell asleep.

I did lift and then shower yesterday, and both Delaney and I got haircuts, which we've been needing. It felt almost like a reset.

Today I was slightly motivated. While Tia's doing horse stuff, I cleaned up a bit, am running laundry through, and tackled my calculus homework. I'm behind somewhat, and I worked through two sets of homework, struggling to get them done. So many things I've forgotten make it hard to work efficiently when I'm always looking things up, like the product and quotient rules, among other basic facts.

I'm hoping to knock out another 2 tomorrow and then maybe I can get a little more back on track.

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