Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Tire

It wasn't what I expected. Tia needed help moving hay yesterday. She started the tractor and I got the air hose ready so we could pump up the tires. One leaks and we need to add air regularly. She drove it over and we started filling tires. While she did the rear, I went to check air on the other side. As soon as I put the pressure gauge on the stem it blew out and the tire sank.

After a curse, I hunted out the bottle jack to lift up the tire. I didn't want it to sit there and ruin the rubber. I got it up easily and took the tire off. Then I was stuck.

The tire isn't small. It's heavy, and I got it over to Tia's truck, but that was it. I used some wood to get it off the ground, but there was no way I could lift it.

When Tia got done feeding, she came and we took it to town. I don't love the local farm shop, and I need to find another one, but we needed this fixed. I thought it would be 30 minutes, but they hemmed and hawed and said end of the day. We didn't get it until this morning, but it's done and back on the tractor.

Which means I can move it out of the driveway now.

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