Sunday, May 27, 2012


It's less than a month to Scout camp and I'm a little worried about Delaney. He's signed up for the swimming and lifesaving merit badges, and I am worried he's no in good enough shape. For 2 weeks I've been talking about getting him to the pool and today we went.

On the way down, we perused the requirements. 150yds swimming 5 strokes was the one I was most worried about, but recovering a 10lb weight from 10ft of water was another. We got in the pool, and we went over the 5 strokes he needs working through 150 yds without too much rest. Not continuous, and he was winded, but not horribly. I think he can do this.

Then we borrowed a 10lb weight from the pool lifeguards and he recovered it after a few tries and got it back to the side. We did it a second time and he managed it again. Later he couldn't do it, but he's close. One thing we need to work on, but not worry about.

We also did some breath holding.  I managed to get up to 1:20 from about 0:40 the first time, which impressed me. I used to be able to do 2:00, and I'll keep trying to get back there. Delaney improved from about 10s to 20s, which is good for him. I think we got him more comfortable in the water as well.

Kendall did OK, but was definitely more winded. She needs more lap time and just activity time. She also recovered the brick once from 8ft, which was pretty cool.

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