Monday, May 7, 2012

Busy Day

I'm tired, a little worn out actually, after a busy day yesterday. It started with a 6:45am wake up for baseball. We had an early morning game on the NW side of Denver. Two cups of coffee, a delay while we raked the field and dried it out, and a great game. I played 9 innings, 1-3 with a walk, and a lot of fun, even though we lost with a walk off single.

A quick lunch with a friend, a stop at AutoZone to try and diagnose a light on the Suburban (not sure I fixed it), and then home. Tia was training horses and people, and the kids were hanging out. It was a cool day, but still nice with dark clouds coming. I went for a quick run and then took the kids to play tennis. Kendall and I against Delaney for volleys and we had fun. Delaney is getting better, and you can see much better form as he practices what he's been learning at lessons.

It degenerated into some silliness as the wind picked up and it got colder. We tried "small tennis" volleying softly within the serving boxes across the net, and Kendall became the "Yog" standing at the net and batting down our soft volleys when she could. We laughed a lot, even if we didn't do a lot of tennis. Afterwards we got ice cream and then came home.

I started Delaney on some calisthenics to get back into better shape for Boy Scouts, for school, for life, Kendall participated as we did some push ups, sit ups, and stretches. By the time we were done, showers and bed.

A long day.

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