Sunday, May 20, 2012


An afternoon game today, a new field, with some overcast clouds and rain threatening. We were thinking we might only have 9, so I was getting mentally prepared to play and hit a bunch. We ended up with 11, and had a good game of 7 innings.

I was elected to shortstop, with our other two guys that play there not coming. I was a little nervous, and worried about the range, however it ended up being OK. I got a couple of pop flies near second, including one about 15 ft back. Missed another one that caught me turned the wrong way and I ended up backing up and not getting to it. I got another one behind third.

On the ground I fielded one clean, and then bounced it to first, missing the runner. I got to another one, but it hopped slightly slower than I expected and it popped out of my hand when I went to grab it. Another scorcher went below a dive near third. All in all, not a bad game, and not worse than our other third baseman.

At the place, 0-4, but I did see and hit the ball well. Got fooled on a curve and grounded to second. A grounder to third and a fielder's choice to get one, a pop out to right after I crushed one foul and then a strike out, poor swings at an outside pitch.

Overall, a good game, and one I enjoyed. I wished I would have had better contact, but glad I did hit the ball a bit.

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