Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Book #29 - Double Share

51hfWuZJiPL._AA115_I have loved the Solar Clipper series, and have anxiously looked forward to each book as it has come out. I checked recently and saw that Double Share had been released and I grabbed it right away.

This one has Ismael graduating from the Merchant Academy, and his first assignment is a ship in a far galaxy. After a short trip out, where we learn a bit about his past four years, including his interest in Tai Chi, he is assigned to a ship that’s got problems.

You might be able to guess how the story goes, but it’s nice to read through Ismael’s journey as he must effect change, slowly and surely, in his easy to follow way. He sets an example, and begins to change the ship to think more like he thinks.

I enjoyed this, not as much as the others, but it was a nice read and I am looking forward to hearing how he moves into the Captain’s chair.

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