Friday, May 11, 2012

San Diego

Back in San Diego for 23 hours. I flew down last night to attend a cloud conference today. I've been wanting to learn more about how SQL in the cloud, Azure and more work and this was a good chance to get away and talk to some people for the day.

As usual, I learned more by talking to some people today, hearing about what they are doing. It was a good day and between the iPhone and laptop I have about 4 pages of notes

Last night was quiet, a late dinner at the bar watching the nuggets win. The gas lamp district downtown has changed a lot since I lived here, being renovated and rebuilt.

I woke up early at 6, and headed to the boardwalk downtown. The bartender last night told me to walk through the PetCo park and take the cross walk over the trains, so I did. Just past the outfield, there's a mini park that's a dog park and you can walk through there on non-game days. A nice stadium and I hope to see a game here sometime.

After a 2mi run by the water, it was off to the conference. At the ending reception I won an Xbox, so I can now challenge Delaney at home on a separate screen.

Lots of building since I lived here 20 years ago but still the same beautiful weather. Sunny, warm, but not hot, and windy. A nice break and great to see the water, but this is not the place I want to live.

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