Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Last night was the spring Court of Honor at Boy Scouts. Running a little late this year, but a good thing. Delaney received his Star rank, and the Chemistry and Orienteering merit badges.

He's moving along well, and at 13 1/2, he's well on track for Eagle Scout. And he has great role models. We had 4 Eagle scouts from our troop there, and we have 6 active right now out of 75 boys. An amazing percentage. We lost two last year, but we have at least one more to be awarded this year, so it looks like we will have Eagle scouts for the foreseeable future.

Here's Delaney on stage:

 And we had a few of our Eagle scouts getting Palms for their rank.

Trying to motivate Delaney to keep going. He's close to finishing Cooking, just needing to cook a few more meals for the family. He's also nearly done with Climbing, which we hope to finish this summer if there's a climbing day. Family Life is just started, and likely he'll pick up a leadership position in August, putting him on track to finish Life next Jan/Feb. Then it's on to Eagle.

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