Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sick Kids

Both kids weren't feeling well this morning. Delaney going to bed early last night, feeling sick, and Kendall coughing throughout the night, so we had them both home, in bed, sleeping half the day and lying around. They look better now, so I'm hoping this was just a cold for each of them.

Delaney woke up to find his cat missing. We were worried she was outside last night when we heard coyotes nearby and it looks like she was a victim of the circle of life. He looked around the house, outside, tears in his eyes and had a long cry on the couch. I know he's sad, and I feel bad we didn't try to track her down last night.

He still has his kitten, who is getting on his nerves a bit. She's quite active and attacks fingers, toes, string, whatever moves. Not a great substitute.

Poor kid.

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