Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Quiet Night

Last night was one of those quiet nights with a small group. Kendall was gone all day at the Girl Scouts and then spent the night over there. It was windy, gusting well above 30-40, and we were all a little house-bound. A run for me, a bit of a walk for Tia, and an afternoon movie didn't help. I watched a little basketball as Tia walked in the evening, but we were all a little stir crazy.

Delaney wanted ribs, so we decided to go get some at 8:30. We picked up some ribs, brought them home,  with the plan to watch a movie at night. I had the idea to listen to a little comedy on the way home, some Jeff Foxworthy and Bill Engvall, and we continued that in the kitchen as we ate dinner. The BBQ was excellent, and we were tired when we started watching The Hulk in bed. Tia dropped off first, and me second, and I assume Delaney watched it all. I woke up at night with Delaney gone, but a large Great Dane puppy in his spot.

It was a nice relaxing evening, something we don't often do.

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