Monday, May 28, 2012

In Memory

We had the Memorial Day ceremony today with the Scouts, something that Delaney and I have done for 4 years now. We got up, Delaney cooked breakfast, and we headed out. Delaney wanted the whole family, so we all went and stood outside. Kendall had her Girl Scout sash, but delined to line up with the boys.

Things moved slow, but the boys stood at attention for a good 15-20 minutes while things were readied.

Finally it was time. The boys marched up at the cemetary at the OLV church East of Elizabeth and presented the flag.

It was raised and taps played while everyone saluted. Afterwards there were a number of speeches and reminders of those who fought, and died for this country.

I found it quite moving, including a fiery speech by the commander of the American Legion Post 82, the sponsor of our troop. There was a reference to a John Glenn speech about having a job that was used to motivate troops before a mission in Afghanistan. Not all the men listening to the speech made it back, and they knew that would be the case. They still went.


Proud of the boys, and glad they had the chance to listen to the passion of men who have served our country. Kendall was cold, and a little bored, but she stood quietly with me and listened. It was a good way to start our Memorial Day, and remember those that are not longer in this country to do so.

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