Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tennis Kid

Delaney has Monday night tennis lessons. I’ve been dropping him off, going to karate, and then coming back to pick him up. Last night my neck was still sore, so I dropped him off, went to get some groceries, and then came back.

Photo Apr 02, 8 16 28 PM

There were only two kids last night (usually 5) and they were on the close court. So I could get pictures and watch. The kids were throwing each other balls and practicing hits. I saw Delaney throwing first when I arrived, tossing forehands to the other girl in the class.

Photo Apr 02, 8 17 49 PM

Next I saw Delaney working the backhand. The coach demonstrated, and then they practiced together a few swings.

Photo Apr 02, 8 17 19 PM

Finally Delaney was then swinging, and hitting the ball. Some miss hits, but across the two times he was up there, he got better and better.

Photo Apr 02, 8 17 56 PM

He’s enjoying it and getting better. At least it looks like it. We need to get out there on a real court sometime and see how he does.

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