Monday, April 30, 2012

A Rough Baseball game

After last week’s exciting win, I was looking forward to this week’s late afternoon game. I think most of us came into the game with some confidence. Even with a left hander starting the game on the other side, I thought I’d do well.

It didn’t last long. I sat out the first inning, being the official scorekeeper as they other team hit the ball hard and into gaps, getting 8 runs. We did make a few plays, and we had 2 errors, but mostly it felt they were much more ready to play.

We got a few hits in each of the next few innings, but couldn’t put anything together. They added more runs, and I had a strikeout, getting fooled on a curve that just dropped below my bat, even though I swung about 2” off the ground. I did get a nice hard hit into right in the 5th, and came around to score after a few people. However batting in the 6th, I let a called third go that was outside and low (to me), but not egregiously so. I should have swung, though I don’t think I could have reached it.

We ended up losing in the 7th, 16-5. I missed a really hard hit ball at third that flew below my glove. I picked up another one cleanly, but then threw it wide at first. I’d been throwing left all day during warm-ups, and ended up throwing this one right. Grrr.

All in all, not a good day. I did play more third as the other guy pulled a hamstring. I was in on a 1-2-5 double play, but afterwards, my legs were sore. I didn’t have the normal cleats, or the orthotics, which might have been part of the problem. Certainly sore today.

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