Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pics from Pensacola and SQL Saturday #77

I realized that I never posted a few pictures from last year. I’ve booked another trip to Pensacola, this time for SQL Saturday #132. Kendall is coming along for the third time, and we’ll get a Daddy / Daughter weekend again at the beach.

Last year I got a nice shirt:


And Kendall did as well, getting the same shirt as the female speakers:


A good style for me, and we look good together.

Photo Jun 04, 6 31 48 PM

At the after party, Kendall posed on the firetruck outside Rosie O’Grady’s


We spent a day at the beach, a day at the fun park, and a day at the mall, killing time on our way out of town. The FunTown is a tradition, having gone twice with her. We did go karting, mini-golf, and then a little water war before swimming a bit.

Photo Jun 03, 4 37 39 PM

Photo Jun 03, 12 28 47 PM

At the mall Kendall tried the bungie thing. She was really nervous at first.

Photo Jun 06, 11 36 30 AM

Photo Jun 06, 11 37 20 AM

By the end, she was having a blast.

Photo Jun 06, 12 36 52 PM

A little video of her ride.

Looking forward to going back there with my little girl, who’s not so little.

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