Thursday, April 12, 2012

Book #22 - Act of Treason

Another re-read for me. After digging through Consent to Kill, I moved on to Act of Treason for more excitement and escape from the world.

This is the next book, starting with the new Presidential election. The other party is struggling, and we find an annoyed Maria Rivera is in charge of their Secret Service protection. The candidates get in a limo, the wife of one in the next limo and there's an explosion. The wife is killed, and Josh Alexander is catapulted into the White House on the sympathy with Mark Ross (from the previous book) as the VP. Kennedy is sure her days are numbered and Ross is sure he is going to be the one to fire her.

It's days before inauguration and Hayes has a surprise for the new President. Kennedy and Rapp have been working behind the scenes and trace the assassin to Cyprus, where he's apprehended by Mitch. Not easily, as Rapp shoots the guy (a former Bosnian sniper) in both knees and both hands. When he's brought back to the US, he's turned over to the FBI by a junior agent, Rapp having disappeared on the way.

The book is similar to the early ones, politicians angling to get Rapp in trouble, and Rapp holding all the cards. He maneuvers throughout the book, working to prove his case as the new administration is sure they'll be able to get rid of Rapp.

A fairly exciting conclusion to this mini-drama. A fun read, but make sure you read the one before this first, if not all the Rapp books.

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