Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Book #21 - Consent to Kill

After finishing Kill Shot, I was in a Mitch Rapp mood, so I went back this weekend while I had some spare time and re-read Consent to Kill. Still a good thriller and fun to read, even the second time.

This one continues from Memorial Day, with Mitch Rapp as a target. After killing a Saudi billionaire’s son, a contract is put out on Rapp. A former East German takes it and hires two young killers who have something to prove. Meanwhile Rapp is settling into life with his wife.

The book alternates between the life Rapp has as he goes to work, and the assassins who are plotting to kill him. When they miss and kill Anna instead, the second half of the book as Rapp pursuing them. A great read, a little sad, but also one of my favorites of this series.

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