Wednesday, April 25, 2012

How cool is this?

This isn’t the first time it happened, but for some reason a week ago I grabbed the video camera and walked outside around 3:50pm, after seeing this out the office window.

Kendall, Rain, and Uma

I usually get Kendall from the bus stop, picking her up since it’s about a mile away. Usually she comes in the house with me, looking for a snack (I make baked, homemade fries lots of days), but sometimes she leaves her book bag in the car and runs out

“Bye, Dad, going riding.”

She’ll run over to the barn and I’ll go inside. In about ten minutes or so, I’ll often see her ride past the window, going out in the front pasture with her horse.

She can catch the horse from the fenced in pasture, put on a bridle and a saddle. Often she’s bareback, as she is here. She can get on, no small feat with a 16+ hand horse, and then ride. She usually rides about 10-15 minutes, and then goes to put her horse away, coming inside for a snack and homework.

How lucky is my daughter?

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