Monday, April 16, 2012

Book #24 - Separation of Power

This is the continuation of the story started in The Third Option. At the end of that book, we knew that Hank Clark, the senator, was plotting to bring down the administration, the CIA and make his bid for the Presidency. He's got a new plan in Separation of Power, getting the angry House of Representative chair of the Intelligence committee to look into what Kennedy and Rapp are doing.

Kennedy is planning on leading the CIA. She attends Stansfield's funeral at the beginning and then is getting ready for her confirmation. Rapp heads to Italy, intent on asking Anna to marry him, but he first wants to confront the Israeli killer, Donatella. He does, but she's shot as Israel has decided she isn't useful anymore. When Anna finds Rapp with another girl, they fight and she leaves. Meanwhile Rapp has to bring Donatella back to the US, trying to determine who hired her to kill Cameron in the previous book.

The twists and turns of the book are similar to the other ones, where you aren't sure what is coming next, and how the various plot lines will come together. Will Kennedy get exposed as a CIA leader of killers? Will Rapp be exposed? Will Anna and Mitch get together? It's an evolving part of the relationships between the characters, with Hayes in the middle as the ploy to ruin is Presidency continues.

The book wraps up the mini-two book series at the end in a surprising way. It's a great read, one I enjoyed on a plane ride during my second read, but you really need to read The Third Option first.

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