Monday, April 2, 2012

Back Home

Tia and I had a great weekend getaway in the mountains this weekend. We hired Kyle to watch the little kids, and left Friday night, heading to Copper mountain for one of our two times to spend time alone for the year. Not sure where we’ll go in the fall, but it was nice to get away. Our plan was to ski the weekend and come back Sun night.

We slept in a bit Saturday, after a quiet night in the condo Friday, both of us tired from the week. Our neighbors, with thin walls between us, were annoying. Coughing at night and a 6am alarm. We grabbed our stuff and walked over to the center village, getting a little coffee to start the day.

Photo Mar 31, 10 40 11 AM

We skiied a bit, going down some blues and smooth blacks. Nice to be without the kids, but the snow was a bit slushy. Not too bad, but not that great. Tia was more careful, not wanting to fall and get hurt with her walk training on the afternoon schedule. She took a break once, while I raced down a solo run, and then we knocked off after about 6 or 7 runs.

After a nice lunch, with margaritas on tap (yum), we took a break in the condo for an hour before driving over to Lake Dillon. The training schedule said an 8mi walk was needed, and I decided to go with her. We started walking the trail around the lake, then jogging for a mile. Tia stopped after a half mile and I kept going, stopping after about a mile and a quarter. A few minutes later, she jogged up as I was stretching.

Photo Mar 31, 5 14 01 PM

We continued walking, moving around the lake to Dillon (we’d started in Frisco) and turned around at the marina. A long walk, made slightly more annoying since the bathrooms were still locked for the winter (it was 70F Saturday), but it wasn’t too bad. A little blister on the bottom of one foot for me since I’m not used to 2 hours of steady exercise. Most of my days are bursts skiing, or an hour of karate or running.

Photo Mar 31, 5 14 14 PM

We made it back, going out for a nice dinner in Center Village, with more margaritas, and then watched The Chaos Theory in bed on Netflix. Sad movie, but a great day.

Sunday had my neck sore, a pinched nerve, so no skiing. However it was really warm when we checked out at 10:30. Funny to be walking around in shorts and a t-shirt, while the lifts turned behind me and people skiied,

Photo Apr 01, 10 42 23 AM

We drove down through Fairplay, wandering around and looking at a few pieces of land for sale. We didn’t find anything, and aren’t sure what we really want, probably less so after looking around.

We got home early, about 5, and Tia rode horses with Kendall while I rested a bit, trying to heal the neck.

Great weekend, and lucky that we had the chance to get away.

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