Friday, April 6, 2012

A Clean Sweep

Last night was volleyball night. Kendall had a good practice, not great, but not too bad. The girls don’t have a game this weekend with Easter coming, so this was just a regular practice. Hopefully next week will be better.

After coming home and getting kids fed, I headed back out. Tia was tired, after getting up at 5am Wed, flying to Phoenix, then flying home and getting back after 1am Thur. I didn’t bother waking her and just let her sleep, heading out to volleyball myself.

The team played better. We started with 6 or 7 serves to get an early lead, mostly because of mistakes by the other team, but we had a few good returns as well. I managed a few good saves, decent serves, and relatively few mistakes. Despite having 5 men, and sitting out a few long stretches, it was a fun time. We won all three games, the second one 22-20 being the only close one.

For once we didn’t finish that early and managed to just play 6-7 scrimmage points afterwards before we were kicked off the court.

I called the in/out lines for the next game, and chatted with one of the players. He said that his team, which looked really good, had been playing together for 3 years, and they were really bad when they started, but they kept getting better and really enjoy it. Hopefully my team can do that as well.

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