Thursday, April 12, 2012


Tuesday night Delaney had a scout meeting, one we've been looking forward to for a month. We finally managed to get his Scoutmaster conference scheduled, after two failed attempts for various reasons.

He passed it fine and a board of review was set for later in the evening. He went in, a little nervous, and then came out with his Star rank, presented to the troop as the latest Scout to advance.

He looks nervous here, just after the announcement, and when he came up, he was sweating. I can sympathize since it's hard for the boys to sit in front of three adults and answer questions, almost like a job interview. I do a number of boards, and most kids are pretty nervous.

Proud of him, and glad to see him moving forward. He now needs 6 months of Star service, and 6 months holding a position, which won't start until elections in August. We are aiming for him to have his Life rank next Feb/Mar and then it's on to Eagle.

In addition to the rank, he's earned the Chemistry merit badge, and is working on Cooking, Family Life, and Personal Fitness.

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