Sunday, April 15, 2012


Back for annual department meetings with my company in Cambridge, UK. I flew overnight from Denver to London, with delays everywhere. I managed a first class upgrade to Dulles from Denver, which was nice, with a few glasses of wine and because we were delayed leaving Denver. I was out of the plane, with 5 other people that hurried down the concourse in DC, getting there as the plane was boarding.

Apparently United couldn't figure out how to assign seats, since I was in Economy Plus, but they gave my seat away as I scanned (the guy in front of me from Denver got it) and then I got a bulkhead, but further back. That wasn't too bad, but we left the gate 30min late, then spent 20 min getting back to the gate after we got to the runway and found the bathrooms weren't working. Glad that caught that.

We ended up leaving about 90 min late, getting me into London after noon. Not a bad flight, I got some sleep, and felt OK after the drive up to Cambridge. First order of business was a run so I could relax for the day, but the weather didn't cooperate. Sunny on the drive up, raining after I checked in and changed.

Fortunately there's a health club next to the hotel, so a treadmill run, a little weight lifting and now I'm ready for some food.

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