Sunday, April 15, 2012

Book #23 - The Third Option

The continuation of the Mitch Rapp series after Transfer of Power, The Third Option looks at a Mitch that is becoming involved with Anna and wants to get out of the assassination business. He plans to finish up one last job, but before he can quit, he has to figure out what happened to him in Germany. He's on a job with two other agents, who double cross them. One of them shoots him after the job, leaving him to be found an embarrass the CIA.

Mitch escapes, and disappears, making his own way back to the US. Anna is worried, but he can't contact her, instead he stays away from everyone. Meanwhile there's an uproar in the administration from the assassination of a German count along with a fire (set by Mitch) that upsets the Secretary of State, someone that is working with a senator and congressman to reign in the CIA.

We also have a third group, the man that hired the two other agents to kill Rapp, and who kill stem when they get back home to Colorado. Coleman witnesses it, and is confused, along with Stansfield and Kennedy. The book goes back and forth among the conspirators, the other killer, and Rapp.

It's a good book, lots of action, weaving story lines that we know are converging, but we're not sure how. It's an exciting finish, and one that's sad as well, with Stansfield about to die. Worth reading, but reading both Term Limits and Transfer of Power will help you understand.

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