Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Vacation with my little girl

I have to go back to Pensacola this year for SQL Saturday #77 in June. This is my third year going, and I like the town on the gulf coast. When I was talking about it, Kendall asked if she could go back. I took her two years ago, but she missed last year because I was going from Pensacola to New Orleans.

This year she asked if she could go back, so I agreed. I have the flexible schedule and since a good portion of the cost is covered, it’s a flight and one night of a hotel. Some food as well, but with me working a flexible schedule, I can work on Friday and Monday while we’re there.

Today I booked the flight for us since I found some decent prices and I have seen seats disappearing from some flights. In fact, the first two flights I tried to book were gone by the time I got through the process, so the trip ended up a little longer than I expected, but should be fun. We leave Thur at lunch and come back Monday night. We’ll have a day or two at the beach, and I’ll work around the other time.

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