Sunday, April 10, 2011

Opening Day

Our first baseball game today. Tia wanted to ride, and we conflicted, so I took the kids to the pool first to get them out of the house and moving. We had fun for 90 minutes and then I raced home to grab my stuff, switch cars, and head to the game.

We played at Dakota Ridge today, on the foothills west of Denver and it was cold and windy, a miserable day. I was chilly, and wasn't going to bat, but they talked me into it. A few innings at third, with nothing hit my way, then switching to first where I caught a couple balls, missed a couple bad throws, made a play on a grounder and caught a foul popup. That was the good part.

The bad part was swinging at bat. The first pitcher threw hard, really hard, and I couldn't get around. The second time I was against Charlie, the big left hander and he threw me two nice curves that I couldn't swing on. I was leaning back on the swings, not leaning into them. I let a third strike go on the outside corner that I couldn't reach anyway. The cold affected me, as had the lack of practice. If I don't get any swings in this week, I'll skip swinging next week.

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