Sunday, April 3, 2011

Better Choices

I am trying to do better bad I run every day, and feel good, I realize that I could be better about my health. My weight is fairly stable, I feel strong and I think I am healthy.

But my diet sucks. Or at least it's not great. Too much cheese, probably too much fat, and I dread going to the doctor for a checkup (which I need to schedule)

I have tended to let myself go while traveling, saying that I'm busy, tired, and I can make it up a home. But I'm not necessarily better there.


During this week's trip I decided to try to be better. I had a salad last night instead of a burger I avoided too many of the appetizer snacks, though I did have some tortilla chips. I had less diet coke, skipping them during the events and drinking water. Despite being upset that I didn't get on an earlier flight I walked past Taco Bell and grabbed a smoothies instead.

Better? I am not sure since there's will calories and sugar but I think there is less fat. It feels healthier, even if it isn't great.

It has sucked a little and i've missed having diet coke but it hasn't been horrible. I did miss enjoying some meals but I enjoyed others.

I don't know if these small changes will make much of a difference but I think they will make a little difference

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