Friday, April 8, 2011

Ski Day

I've been meaning to go skiing and I told Kyle I'd take him at least once more before the slopes close, and today was a good day. When I told Tia, she wanted to go, and then the little ones wanted to go as well. So we were thinking it might be a whole family day, but this morning Tia said she was worried about missing work, and worried about leaving Junior alone, so I packed up the kids and headed out alone.

We had an easy drive up, kids taking turns with the iPad to pass the drive. It was smooth, and we got to Copper around 10:30. We dressed, got Kendall's feet padded up with moleskin, and then bussed over. Our first glitch occurred when I put her ski boots next to her feet and her feet were as large as the boots. No way those were going on.

So I rented her a set of skis and boots, and while she was nervous about not having "her skis", the boots fit great and we headed up. The day was a little windy, but warm, sunny, and nice. We goofed off, skiing down the mountain together for the most part, and throwing snowballs at each other as we passed on the slopes.

A quick lunch and everyone was ready to go back out for a few more hours, finally knocking off at 3:30. We were on the far right slope, about halfway up and Delaney wanted one more run, so we let him go alone and headed down to change and return skis. Delaney arrived a few minutes after we were done, happy to get one more run, and we headed home.

A little meltdown from Kendall that had me "barking" at her (her words), but we made up and had a fun day. Makes me want to try one more day with the kids before the season ends in two weeks.

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