Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New Shoes

Last night Kendall and I went to look at a truck, and afterwards had a little dinner. I mentioned to Kendall that I also wanted to replace my shoes. I’d been walking out to the barn yesterday and it seemed that something had torn or broken in my Merrills and one was very uncomfortable. As we were leaving dinner, I started home and Kendall reminded me about shoes. I made a quick u-turn, which had her laughing about my forgetfulness.

We headed to Off Broadway shoes after the place I had gone a few years ago was out of business. We walked in and I started looking at some loafers. Kendall informed me quite of few of my choices “weren’t me” and helped me find some different choices that she liked.


I ended up with some boots, which I’ve been wanting. I have plenty of shoes, but most of them are a little beat up. I told Kendall I am very picky about shoes, but I wear them forever. She agreed completely.

We tried on 5 or 6 different kinds, before I settled on some Ariats. Now I match my wife. They look good, and give me a pair of shoes that are a little better for work where I don’t want to wear tennis shoes or my gorilla shoes.

I think they look pretty good.


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