Sunday, April 3, 2011

Travel woes

I am trying to get better at this travel thing, I really am.

I should have known there would be a problem when I missed the turn of the George Bush expressway for DFW. I took the next exit and my phone was showing a short side street back to my route. When I stumbled on a gas station at the corner I thought things were looking up.

On the first try I had the rental on the wrong side of the pumps so I moved it. Then I it out of my GMC Terrain, looking for a fuel release. None there so I walked around the car to the fuel door. I pushed and pulled but it didn't open. OK, I didn't see the release, so back around to find it.

Can't find it.

I check both sides of the car, the trunk, even inside the back door on that side. Finally I Google the car and find it's a press one side hard and release. I try that, feeling like an idiot, get it open and fuel. As I get back to my route there's nothing by the DFW entrance, so again I think that I got lucky finding the gas station.

Turn in the rental ad ride to the terminal. I've prepped well, no checked bags, everything ready to carry on, checked in the night before with my mobile boarding pass. Walk right to security, try to scan my pass

Annoying beep

Look at the phone and it's trying to connect to TMobile on wifi. Turn that off, try to rescan, same result. Turn it a few times to be sure the bar code is right and same result. The security guy is nice but kicks me out of line.

The kiosk tells me to find an agent, so I do. I give her my ID and flight and she goes, oh yeah, that's a new flight starting today.

From Love field.

30-45 minutes away and I am at DFW. As Mentally curse the web programmers that gave me to selection to return from Love (DAL) after I has selected an inbound flight to DFW, I get the "I can put you on the 3:30pm to Denver and you can standby on the 11:30" speech. I can't make love field with about 50 minutes until my flight leaves so I take it.

At least there's a Starbucks here and I can sit in the Samsung traveler lounge and plug in my computer and phone.

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