Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Nuggets / Thunder

The Nuggets have been playing well since the Carmelo trade. I thought they got a nice set of players, and while I never liked Felton/Lawson at NC, I do think they are great players. Add in Afflalo and Gallinari with Nene and I think it’s a better looking team.

They lost last night to the Thunder, but it was close. Yesterday I was hoping that they’d win that game and possibly move up into 4th place, but the radio guys made me rethink it yesterday. No matter if Denver is 4th or 5th, they’ll play the Thunder, and so these two teams will play once more in the regular season and then a best of 7 in the playoffs. Possibly the Nuggets could slip to 6th and play Dallas, but I think they have a better chance with the Thunder. Despite Durant, I think the young Nuggets can run with the Thunder.

We’ll see how it shakes out. I still think the Lakers are the best team in the west, but it’s close. They could stumble easily against the Spurs, the Mavs, or even the Thunder or Nuggets.

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