Saturday, April 16, 2011


After Kendall's volleyball game we came home and started on chores. First I painted the railing out back, getting one coat of the proper color on there. Next it was some trailer work, putting new screws into the rubber mats to hold them up.

After that it was fencing. We secured some wire along the runs to keep the dogs out of the pasture. We had to twist wire to hold that against the panels. Not hard work, but bending up and down. We were about to go fix wire fence, but Tia was too tired. Actually I was tired, but I'd have gone out there since it's a good day to get some chores done. We finished by replacing the overhead display in her truck on the way back to the house. That made her smile since she's been wanting that fixed for awhile.

All that work made me tired, and after laying down for 15 minutes, I went for a run to get that done. It feels like it's been a long day.

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