Saturday, April 30, 2011


It was a great service, wonderful to see friends there, but sad for me. I choked up a lot, cried, tears in my eyes and down my face quite often. I found myself struggling to even talk to friends about Dave. It's hard. Some great stories from friends, scouts, family, and a nice retirement of a flag to his widow. He was an amazing man, so full of life, so giving, and an inspiration to me.

I'll miss him, but I won't forget. One of his friends said it best, we can learn from his life, try things, help others, give and enjoy ourselves. But we shouldn't learn from his death and be afraid to do things. When you find the road less traveled, take it.

After the service I was wound up. Supposed to go out, but needed to decompress. After laying in bed for an hour or two, I got up to run. A good stress reliever.

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K. Brian Kelley said...

Fear gets us nowhere. I know I haven't said it yet, but I'm sorry for your loss. I will keep his friends and family, especially his widow and children in my prayers.