Monday, April 4, 2011

Slippery and Scary

Delaney was running late this morning, needed to get a few things done and asked if I would drive him. Since I’ve been gone for nearly a week I agreed, and we headed out at 7:30 in the Porsche to get him to school.

I’m glad we left early, since we normally might leave at 8:40. It snowed yesterday and last night and it was icy. I worried about there being some snow on the gravel, so I turned onto the pave road out of the neighborhood, but it was a mistake. We drifted coming out of a big turn near the entrance, and then on the main road, we slid sideways and turned around. I am glad no one was coming, and it was my fault starting a turn and tapping the brakes at the same time. It was a scary 5 sec until I got the car stopped.

We cruised to school slowly, going about 5-10 mph below the limit, and I’m glad we were against traffic because so many people  were racing down the other side of the road. After I dropped Delaney off, I decided to go get a cup of coffee, let the sun do some work on the roads, and also let traffic thin out. Glad I did as I had a quiet drive home.

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