Thursday, April 14, 2011

Astronaut Delaney

Yesterday Delaney got to go to a given by an astronaut down in Colorado Springs with other technology interested kids at the middle school. He had to dress up, so he wore his orchestra outfit of khakis, polo, and dress shoes down there. It was a former shuttle astronaut that had been on three missions.

He said it was interesting and he liked the presentation, though I had to drag information out of him. However all night he’d mention some little tidbit of information from the talk. He also said that we could potentially see the International Space Station this morning at dawn.

At 5:45am.

He wanted to get up and see it, and actually convinced Kendall to do it as well. So they both set their alarms for 5:30 to get up and check things out. This being Thursday-pa-looza, I wasn’t very interested in getting up early, but I did wake up and hear the kids get up at 5;30 and go outside. Unfortunately it was cloudy and rainy, so they couldn’t see anything. Delaney came into our room to see if we were awake and I have a vague memory of him standing next to the bed, cold air sliding off his jacket.

He decided to stay up, opting for some XBOX time in his room. Kendall did the same, going downstairs to play her wolf game on the iMac. They both made enough noise to keep disturbing my sleep and I think I woke up a dozen times between 5:30 and 7:15 when I got up.


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