Friday, April 29, 2011

The Capital

Today was a Girl Scout trip to the Capital in downtown. It's a day off from school and Kendall really wanted me to go. I wasn't thrilled, and I have work, but earlier in the week they needed another parent and I said I'd be the backup. Tey found someone else, but Kendall wanted me to go.

So up early, the same time as we normally are for school. Drive to the scout leader's house, then the light rail. Amazing that a few people hadn't ridden the light rail, but I guess I haven't ridden it in a long time and for many of us out in the country, no need to go downtown.

The girls were definitely silly as we waited for the train, running around in circles. The ride downtown was uneventful, though a little long for the girls. They were glad to get off downtown and walk down to the Capital.
It was a beautiful day downtown, sun shining, and the girls were smiling.

Our first stop on a tour was the House, where we saw the some debate and discussion of a Holocaust Awareness Week resolution. Not terribly exciting, but some letters being read from survivor's children and the girls sat quietly and listened.

Next was the Senate for a bit of the same, which was hard. 10 year old girls aren't that interested in politics. Neither am I to a large extent. I did learn that the reps spend 4 months in Denver, working full time for around $30k, so not a great job. Not horrible, but not great.

We did head up to the Attic for a short history lesson and then the girls were allowed to go up in the dome. As you can see, it's a long climb and around 12, Kendall was tired.

 I enjoyed it as it's a great view, walking around the outside and looking at the sights in Denver. When we were done, we went down for lunch.
The girls setup in City Center Park for lunch before they were going to the Denver mint. I've been to the mint and had work to do, so once they set up for a picnic, I said good bye to Kendall, and headed back.

 A short lunch downtown and then a long light rail ride while I read and answered some email.

A good day with my little girl, or half day at least.

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