Monday, April 25, 2011

Big Man on the Road

I went out this morning for a doctor’s appointment and took the new Suburban. Actually I didn’t have much of a choice as the puppy had an accident in the Prius and neither Tia nor I had time to clean it.

The truck needed a new battery, not wanting to start yesterday, so I used the portable battery to jump it and then headed to Car Quest. Smartly I didn’t turn off the truck until I had verified they had a battery in stock. From there I had fun trying to get it loosened with side posts that are an inch from the electrical box (which won’t move).

I got it replaced, and things worked fine from there for my trip to the doctor and a few errands. However I noticed something while I was driving around.

I enjoyed it. Being back in a big SUV, and a Surburban, is cool. I had a 1991 or 1992 Suburban at one point that I really liked, and Tia had a Yukon XL for about a year. All that space, that nice ride, the easy to get into car (it’s low compared to Tia’s truck), all are nice. I really like driving that truck around, and it makes me miss having an SUV. As nice as the Prius is on our pocketbooks, the Suburban is just fun.

And there were quite a few other Chevy’s or GMCs on the road today as well. Now just have to remember that it’s a gas hog and not use it too often.

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