Monday, April 27, 2015

The K's Movie and a Short Workout

I'm not sure if it's good or bad that I think 50 minutes is a short workout. That's what I got yesterday (30 elliptical, 20 bike), feeling pressure from the Ks. Kendall was having a rough morning and eventually decided to see a movie. She called Kyle and they arranged to meet at Southlands, with my dropping her off to meet him.

Fine, I thought, I'll do that and go to the gym. However when I arrived, Kyle had a friend that wasn't going to the movie, but was planning on taking his car back to our house to pick up hers (it's been here for a month). Hmm, apparently I had to come back and get them.

Thus, my unlimited gym time went down to an hour, with about a 15 minute drive to and from the gym.

It was OK, since I was tired anyway, though I'd have liked a bit more bike time and stretching cool down, as well as a bit of sauna time. However it was good to have the Ks enjoying some time together.

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