Wednesday, April 15, 2015

How Are We Supposed to Understand Education Cost?

Like many, I saw a piece on "The Real Reason College Tuition Costs So Much" from a professor in Boulder. It made some sense to me, though certainly I've been skeptical of headline making pieces from Boulder where some people seem to be out on the fringe of society at times.

However it had the ring of truth. I've seen my alma mater grow with more new buildings that I think are necessary. I haven't noted enrollment growing dramatically, however I have seen the President make much more money than I think they're worth. I find the idea that anyone is worth $1mm a year somewhat silly as a salary. I've also suspected that we're paying more for administration than I think it is worth.

I'm not sure, and I'm willing to include some skepticism that my thoughts aren't correct. I saw a friend repost the link on Facebook, and then in the comments I glanced through (rarely a good idea), I saw these items:

As I read through them, how am I, or anyone, supposed to understand what's happening. It seems as though there's somewhat shoddy journalism all around, agendas to distort the issue, and certainly no shortage of people commenting or noting their own beliefs with a level of factuality that seems silly.

There is no one issue for why tuition is so expensive. There are probably many issues, but how can we even begin to distill this issue down when so many people loudly crowd a discussion with shouts of "school is a ripoff" or "it's criminal we don't support schools" or other widely disparate and diverging points of view.

It seems that almost every issue in politics these days, from financial reform to healthcare to security to benefits suffers from these issues. We don't have any intellectualism from either side looking at issues.

It's disturbing and sad.

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