Monday, April 27, 2015

Good Deed

Tia took Delaney to his Knowledge Bowl end of season party. We had the time wrong, so I had to wait for Kendall to get home. Sorry I missed it, as Delaney got another pin for his school letter. That’s two letters he’s earned at EHS: one for cross country and now one for Knowledge Bowl.

While she was gone, apparently a border called her and she texted me. One of our people was stuck. I walked outside, boots on, and sure enough, a little Yaris was stuck in the mud.

I grabbed a piece of plywood and we tried that, but it didn’t work. I didn’t think so, but the lady wanted to try. When that didn’t work, I grabbed the tow rope from the Suburban and hooked it up.

Photo Apr 27, 4 21 29 PM

I didn’t pull it, though it was briefly tempting. I’m too old to strain myself like that. I also didn’t try to push it out, which I might have ten years ago, but I didn’t want to get hurt, nor did I want to end up splattered with mud.

Another boarder was here, so she ended up driving her truck over since she was ready to leave. We hooked it up and she pulled the little car out.

It’s a muddy mess here and everything is covered, including my car. I’m hoping things start to dry out tomorrow and we can work on getting the driveway and road back in shape.

Photo Apr 27, 3 40 09 PM

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