Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Dominoes and Cookies

My nephews had their birthday yesterday. It was a good day, with my brother, middle kid, and the nephews hitting Winter Park for the last ski day of the season. We ended up separate, each larger person taking a smaller one.


Delaney took Ravi and headed to Mary Jane first thing. Ravi looked good to me and I thought Delaney would challenge him. This would also be the easiest kid to work with for Delaney. They had a good time and went through trees as well as to the top of Parsenn Bowl. No pictures, but that's Delaney.


Jim too Nigel, who was struggling a bit with his snowboarding. Nigel also wants the security of his Dad, which I understand. When you're falling a lot, it wrecks your confidence, and it can be a rough day. They stayed on the same slope as Deven and me, and we stopped and watched them a few times.


I took Nigel, who I'd spent the afternoon with on Sunday. We went down a green to warm up and he felt good, so we tackled Jabberwocky, which he'd looked at on the map and wanted to try. It was tough, and he was scared, but he worked his way down and looked good.


He didn't want to go down a second time, but I was proud of him for making it down without getting upset, even after a couple spills. The rest of the day we stuck to the main slopes and he did well, getting faster and pressing himself. Still work to do, but he's much better than he was on Saturday.


Near the end, the little kids were tired. They'd worked hard, and we still had to get down the mountain.


I grabbed a shot at the top of Winter Park before we made it down.


A long ride home, and everyone was beat. We got home and Tia was out with the Ks getting birthday stuff, so we took a short walk with the dogs before settling down for dominoes and a large birthday cookie for the twins.

A good day, and a good time in the mountains.

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